Building the Future of Learning

Appian Education Ventures is a firm that builds and operates investor-backed high-growth education ventures

What we believe in

Education Quality First

We strive to build great products that improve educational outcomes through evidence-based approaches

Education and Business Talent

We look for the best business and educational talent to build great companies

Building for the Long-Term

We partner with long-term investors that expect stellar returns and exceptional impact

Entrepreneurial DNA

We believe that a hands-on approach is key to launching enduring education companies

How we generate impact

We develop and invest in ventures that contribute to bringing quality education to millions of students

Traditional endeavors

We develop projects that expand quality education worldwide


We invest in like-minded projects and ventures

Venture labs

We build innovative ventures that push the frontier of learning


Formal Education

Early childhood

Education provided to children, either formal or informal, to young children; it is fundamental to a child’s development and sets the groundwork for a child’s later success


The building block of our society; preparing our children and youth for being global citizens, teaching to learn and being happy and productive members of society

Technical and Vocational Training

Alternative post-secondary education and training, highly focused on skill development for the workforce

Higher Education

Alternative post-secondary education and training, highly focused on skill development for the workforce

Knowledge, Content and Publishing

Texts, content and platforms, whether virtual or physical, to provide support to learning programs across the education lifecycle

education and enablers

Lifelong Learning & Workforce Development

Learning programs provided to adults or employees for their continuous improvement and relevance in an ever-evolving reality or for pure enjoyment


The new frontier of education – simply put, technology that fosters learning in innovative and engaging ways

Operating globally with offices in 4 countries


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