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By implementing innovative solutions, fostering transformative learning environments and empowering educators, we create sustainable and transformative educational businesses that have a lasting positive impact on students worldwide.

Bringing quality education to students worldwide

We are driven by the vision of establishing the next frontier of learning by passionately developing and investing in projects that expand the reach of quality education worldwide. Through our innovative ventures, we strive to push the frontier of learning, creating new opportunities for students everywhere.

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Investing in the inevitable

The fundamental and timeless elements of education remain essential, regardless of technological advancements. We invest in expert educators, robust curriculum development, and immersive learning experiences to ensure a solid foundation for students



Betting on Global players

Education is global. In an increasingly interconnected world, a global education is not a plus, it is a requirement for students to thrive. Only global players can foster the cross-cultural exchange and learning environments that are required for the next generation of students.



Improving outcomes through technology

Technology is transforming education. There is a massive and consequential transformation of the education space led by technological innovations. However, only outcome-based innovations will transform the space.

Forward thinking educators
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Luis served as CEO for the Americas of Inspired Education, and is a former Deputy Minister of K-12 Education of Colombia. Additionally, he has actively contributed on a number of boards, including Teach for All, Harvard University’s Laspau, Global Education Innovation Initiative, and the Dean’s Leadership Council at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Luis García de Brigard
Founder & Managing Partner

Laura is the former COO for the Americas of Inspired Education. Prior to her role as COO, she was the Head of Learning and Development for Boston Consulting Group in the Middle East and a Consultant across the Americas and Europe.

Laura Cepeda

Felipe is a former Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company, specializing in the energy, consumer finance and social and public sectors. Felipe was also an advisor to the Deputy Minister of Housing for Colombia, Grupo Salta (formerly known as Eleva Educaçao) and to La Alianza Educativa.

Felipe Arango

Archana is a former management consultant and an ed-tech and consumer-tech investor across Southeast Asia and East Africa. She started her career with Bain & Company. Later, she established a Gates-funded incubator hub in Ethiopia to support early-stage ag-tech startups.

Archana Vashist

Juliana is a former consultant at Bain & Company, serving multiple clients in the Americas and Europe in the energy, consumer goods, financial, and petrochemical industries. She also serves as One Young World ambassador and co-founder of Lidera el Cambio.

Juliana Calderon

Sofia is a former Consultant at Accenture, where she worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies in industries such as technology, pharmaceuticals, luxury, and consumer goods. Additionally, she actively volunteers in Minds Matter New York City, guiding academically gifted high school students from low-income households.

Sofia Vila
Senior Business Analyst

Juan Camilo has experience in investment banking and Real Estate funds. His experience includes roles at at PEI Asset Management, where he contributed to investor relations and capital markets activities, and MD Banca de Inversión, where he focused on M&A and financial modeling.

Juan Camilo Moreno
Financial Analyst

Alejandra is a former Executive Assistant with 9 years of experience at McKinsey & Company. She has successfully provided administrative support to multiple executives simultaneously.

Alejandra Vargas
Executive Assistant

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